ASDIGITAL Theoretical Framework

There are many people currently excluded for reasons of low income and education, location, culture, or various disabilities, such as autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder that affects every individual to a different degree. It is a lifelong complex developmental disorder, characterized by impairments in social communication, social interaction, and social imagination. Representing an estimated 7 million people, ASD is labelled as the fastest-growing disorder with an annual growth rate of 10-17%, according to the Autism Society.

Therefore, in an attempt to minimise the digital exclusion of students with autism while at the same time, contribute to the professional development of secondary-school teachers, so that they are well-equipped to cope with the sudden shift in education due to the COVID breakout, we propose a project with the following objectives:
To deliver a training course to directly train secondary-school teachers on online learning, a skill necessary for their professional development.