COFAC – Universidade Lusófona (PT)

COFAC is a non-profit cooperative, responsible for the management of Lusófona University, recognised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in 1998, and is the largest private university in Portugal, integrating 10 HEI in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and GuineaBissau.

It has a student body of more than 10.000 students and 1500 teachers and it is structured around 9 (nine) Schools that constitute the main institutional unit and offer 44 undergraduate Degrees, 45 Master Degrees, 11 PhD’s programs and 42 Post-graduation courses. Besides this, the university offers a large number of vocational and continuous training courses accordingly with the life-learning development paradigm.


The Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies (CICANT) results from the combined efforts of Lusófona University (Lisbon and Porto) researchers in the field towards the goal of creating an autonomous research unit which will allow for the integration and harnessing of the research activities conducted within the centre. It promotes theoretical and applied research at the cross of media, society, literacies, arts, culture and technologies. CICANT distinguishes itself due to the solid theoretical and applied nature of its research and knowledge transfer activities oriented to teaching and research activities.

CICANT is geared towards innovative and interdisciplinary research in its two main subject areas: Media, Society and Literacies (MSL) and Media Arts, Creative Industries and Technologies (MACIT).

Blue Beehive (ES)

Blue Beehive is made up of a multidisciplinary team of educators, teachers, young people, and entrepreneurs whose objective is to promote education and culture, filling the gap between formal education and the real world with non-formal trainings. We are an adult education provider in Spain. Our association is composed of experts in the development of Erasmus + projects and volunteers. We are non-governmental, non-profit and non-political association.

Although Blue Beehive is an association created in 2019, some of its members have been working for more than 20 years in the development of educational innovation projects. They are experts in ICT literacy applied to education. We carry out extracurricular activities for young people to learn using technology as a tool in STEAM subjects.

Our target groups are varied: young people, teachers who want to incorporate new methods, adults, NEET, disabled, elder people. Our mission is to enhance the education and cultural levels, developing educational and cultural projects. We carry out workshops on crafts, design and 3D printing applied to the promotion of creativity, reading animation and cultural projects related to entrepreneurship in the creative industry.


STANDO LTD (STANDOUTEDU) is a research and educational organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We are, at the same time, an approved VET Centre accredited by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. The strength of our enterprise primarily lies in our highly qualified team and its extended network of international partners. STANDO LTD has 5 full-time staff, 10 part-time and more than 20 volunteers.Our dynamic and experienced academics, researchers and practitioners are committed in implementing large scale co-funded projects and collaborate with organizations from Cyprus and around the world. We actively participate in the planning and implementation of national and international projects, aiming at providing innovative solutions that facilitate the development of people and the cohesion of societies. Since 2016, we are providing a series of professional and academic trainings under the scope of Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, as well as courses, seminars and consulting services to various target groups (children, students, youths, older people, teachers, policy makers, parents, adults), learners and staff of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and Adult Centres.

SP11 (PL)

SP11 is a big integrative school (integrative and special classes) with handicapped, intellectually and physically disabled children. Autism spectrum disability is our main issue to deal with. We are one such school in our region. There are 20 Autism special classes in the school. Autistic pupils are a certain part of integrated classes too.

There are 500 pupils aged 6 and 15 and 100 teachers and special therapists. 40% of our students are SEN. Specially qualified teachers and therapists help to gain knowledge appropriately to students’ abilities. Autistic and other special needs students are given professional care where educational requirements and expectations are accurate to their psycho-physical capabilities with complex support: psychologists, special educators, speech therapists, physiotherapy specialists, SI therapists, sociotherapists. Students have a variety of free extra classes according to their difficulties, interests, talents.

ÖZDEBİR Özel Eğitim Uygulama Okulu (TR)

ÖZDEBİR Özel Eğitim Uygulama Okulu, established in 2008 in Türkiye, is a special school, for children aged 3-14 years. All the children have autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) of varying degrees. All pupils on ÖZDEBİR Özel Eğitim Uygulama Merkezi need highly qualified and competent personnel to help them to develop their abilities and to fulfil their basic needs.

Logospycom (BE)

Logospycom was initially created as a of company specialized in projects for skills development, professional training, revalidation and inclusion for young people with disabilities and learning disorders, especially “Dys” youngsters (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.) also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD).

During several years of accompanying schools, VET centres, educational organisation, youngster and parents we created or used alternative methods or tools (digitals or not) and we have developed our field of expertise to be an education innovation centre.

This background on learning disorders made us take a special interest and acquire expertise on several topics: reading, writing, mathematics, language learning and technology for education.

As it is a complicate matter for most students but especially for dys leaners, we have developed an expertise and interest in the improvement of the approach of STEM learning for all ages. To do this we base ourselves on a team of specialists in house or frequent collaborators: researcher, teachers and trainers of course but also speech therapists, and adaptation specialists.